George Carver
Executive and Personal Coaching
Business Consulting

“When is the last time you had a great conversation? A conversation which wasn’t just two intersecting monologues, which is what passes for conversation in this culture. When have you had a great conversation in which: you overheard yourself saying things you never knew you knew; you heard yourself receiving from somebody words that absolutely found places within you that you had thought you had lost; and memories of the exchange continued to sing in your mind for weeks afterward?” — John O’Donohue

Hi, I’m George Carver, transformative coach.

I work with people seeking to serve a greater purpose than themselves, whether it be at work, in their community, or with their family.

People like me, living and loving a life of service.

In that life of service, sometimes we can begin to feel depleted – and the way back to our true selves can often seem challenging to navigate.

I can help you reconnect to your Self: to the power of your own presence.

After working with me, you’ll have a clearer sense of who you are in the world. You’ll also replace stress and doubt with ease and certainty, and increase your level of trust in yourself.

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