About George

Leave thinking to the one who gave intelligence.
In Silence there is eloquence.
Stop weaving, and watch
how the pattern improves.

My passion is providing guidance and support for your transformation.

In reflecting on my rambles through life’s woods and thickets of the past 50 years, I discovered with surprise that all my past professional and personal work have given me the experience i need to be a coach.
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I became a coach after thirty years in the working world trying on different hats — business, non-profits, the arts, Wall Street. I did okay at all of them, but I never felt fully engaged in, much less passionate about, the work. The clues were there, however, no more than a foot from my nose. The times when I felt happiest in each role were when I was helping or teaching others.

Enter coaching: helping people who are seeking greater meaning, engagement, and satisfaction in their lives.

My coaching journey began at the Strozzi Institute, where I learned somatic coaching. Somatic coaching views the body as the source of all of life’s experience—physical, cognitive, and spiritual.  With my understanding of somatics, I experienced rapid and transformative changes in my behaviors, presence, and sense of self. This was the kind of positive change that had eluded me in 20-plus years of different forms of therapy as I sought to make peace with a dark and violent childhood.

Soon my clients, too, were learning that somatic work was an extraordinarily effective approach to achieve lasting change.

In 2015, I discovered the Three Principles and decided to include an understanding of these principles in my practice. While a somatic approach begins with the body, Syd Banks’ Three Principles begin with an understanding of how our mind truly works and how our thinking creates the reality we experience. An understanding of these principles reduces all forms of stress, while simultaneously increases effectiveness and creativity and improves relationships and your connection to life.

Combining somatics and the Principles, I now bring to my clients two powerful and wholistic approaches to change.


    • With an MBA, 30 years on Wall Street and corporate high-tech marketing and consulting, I understand the business and social skills — and stamina — it takes to succeed.
    • A dozen years  raising funds for schools and arts organizations taught me a lot about giving, as well as the difference between mission-driven and profit-driven people. I also learned that I’m someone who cares about and gets excited by organizations with a mission to make the world a kinder, more humane, and sustainable place.
    • In my stint on Wall Street as wealth consultant to families, I had my first full-time experience of helping people. I loved it, and I learned that facts and data are powerless to change someone’s beliefs and opinions. Knowledge, information and new concepts by themselves don’t change a person’s behavior.
    • With a Bennington MFA and a decade as a freelance writer and editor, I learned about the power of words and language to affect how people feel and see the world</strong> — in life as well as books. This led me to ontology, the study of being, and the discovery that we actually live in language. Each of our words and stories shape our lives, the possibilities we can envision, and actions we can take. Making a significant change in one’s life often requires the death and interment of old stories and birthing new ones that support the life we want to have.
  • From 14 years’ study and practice of improvisational theater, I became a keen observer of people’s physical behavior and presence, and a deep listener. An invaluable listening skill for a coach.
  • As for personal experience, I have been married to the same woman for 23 years and raised two happy children. Surely an education of the highest order!

The Loves of My Life

My whole family loves the outdoors, hiking and car-camping Yosemite and the Sierra in the summer, snowshoeing around Lake Tahoe in the winter.

I love the arts. I’ve been practicing and performing improvisational theater for the past 17 years. I love improv for the sense of freedom I experience when it’s my time to perform, and I have to commit to being in the moment with whatever and whomever shows up. I also love music, and five years ago, I learned to sing, which changed my entire experience of music.

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