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Creating EVEN More of Your Favorite Clients Sign up to join me for a free webinar  quanto costa viagra generico 50 mg in farmacia a Napoli “Creating EVEN More Favorite Clients”  go to link  

Friday April 2nd @ 2pm (PDT)

We all have favorite customers. Most of us wish we had more, or that more of our other clients were more like our favorite clients. In this program, you’ll learn a new understanding of human relationships which will leverage your current relationship skills, including creating new favorite clients from your existing clients

What is a favorite client?

  • Words like effortless, easy, simple, trusting, even fun, come to mind when you think of favorite clients. You enjoy being with them.
  • Doing business with favorite clients can be one of the most satisfying parts of your work.
  • Someone with whom you have a strong, productive, and resilient relationship based on shared interests, past experiences, goals, social engagement, etc.
  • High levels of mutual trust. You have each others’s back
  • At some level(s), you “get” each other. You understand them and they understand you

You will learn about:

  • enter site The inside-out viewpoint on favorite clients: A new understanding how people experience connection and rapport
  • Deep Listening. It enriches and deepens connection. It builds trust. It opens doors to new possibilities.
  • Presence: Your presence is at the root of what makes you more attractive to people. Presence increases your visibility and your availability
  • watch Connection. It’s not something you create; it’s already there. All you have to do is learn how uncover it
  • go site Connect, Calibrate, Educate: A new way, to approach presentation, proposals, offering advice, and difficult conversations which empowers all parties involved

Come to this clinic and explore a whole new way to create more favorite clients from your existing book of clients. What you’ll learn is just as applicable to new relationships as well! 

source link Clinic: Understanding Trust from the Inside out

Which one do you agree with 100% of the time? A. The established wisdom is that all relationships are built on trust. According to a leading business school professor, Trust = Competence + Reliability + Engaged Communication divided by the inverse of Self-Interest. If it were only so simple. B. A professional sales trainer with over 25 years experience observed:  “ If you’ve got the right kind of connection and rapport with a prospect, you can do about everything else wrong and still get the sale.” Email me for more information.