Once you identity a problem, you can fix it.  But if you can’t see it, you can’t fix it. George helped me identify issues  that were holding me back but were invisible to me.
 For instance, I was at a shareholder meeting with six men. A difficult topic came up which I felt strongly about. I shared my opinions, but when one of them disagreed with me, I got defensive and shut down. After the meeting, I reflected on  what had happened and realized that what triggered me was on old way of thinking I wasn’t even aware of that probably started when I was young.  Understanding that it was only some old thinking freed me.  The next morning, I met with the man who had challenged me at the meeting. I was able to speak open and freely with him, without any feelings of defensiveness. It was really fabulous, that freedom.
I don’t think I could articulate any of this before I started working with George. Learning to see the invisible is huge!  Now I can be more open with people, particularly men I disagree with. Which opens the door to being more strategic in my communication

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CEO & President, investment firm




http://acrossaday.com/?search=prescription-prices-levitra disount us pharmacy accutane George Carver is a highly intuitive life coach with an unusually broad range of experience and deep compassion. His dual backgrounds in the worlds of finance and creative expression inform and strengthen his coaching in very profound ways. He has helped me through a very challenging transition into the current phase of my life, for which I’m deeply grateful.

Corey Fischer

Writer, actor, director and teacher; co-founder, Traveling Jewish Theatre

http://arielagroup.com/?search=accutane-side-aging-side-effects Since I have been working with George, my life has changed radically. I feel more centered and grounded and now have the tools  and practices to more easily recognize my stresses and take the steps to increase my productivity. When I am more productive I am also more able to exercise and do self-care. Our work has impacted my feelings, thoughts, work, as well as my interactions with others. And I sleep better, which contributes to less stress, increasing again my productivity and focus. And being more centered allows for deeper connection with others. It’s a snowball effect, all parts supporting the others. Thank you, George, for helping getting this snowball rolling.

James Bill

Zia Architecture

http://handi-crafters.org/?search=canada-drugstore-seling-levitra-or-generic George’s support as my coach has been instrumental in my growth process. His compassion, wisdom, and ability to hold a safe space for me has helped me make important shifts in my life, and how to enjoy it more fully! I highly recommend George as a coach.


Teacher, San Anselmo

houston finasteride Welcoming, skilled, life-experienced, trustworthy. As a friend, I can say that you’re lucky to have found your true calling.  As a client, I feel very fortunate that you found it – you have the total package for a great coach – smarts, wisdom, education, curiosity, enthusiasm, depth, empathy…the list goes on.

C. deTournay

Creative Director

source url George Carver is an excellent coach who brings an extensive toolkit of talents and skills to his coaching. His skilled somatic assessments and practices have been invaluable in helping me become a successful entrepreneur. He helped me to identify work situations that triggered me and knocked me off my game; I’ve learned how to restore my ground and presence even in the most stressful of situations. George’s marketing and communications experience also gave me constructive insights into setting up my business. George is a generous and warm person, and has become my trusted advisor during the launch of my coaching and consulting practice!

Denise Blanc

Founder, River Logic Partners