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    George Carver

    When I left the world of business and finance, I knew that helping people would be the focus of my next career. In the year following my departure, a series of health crises serendipitously steered me towards the field of coaching. There I found my health, my purpose, and my passion. I committed myself to understanding the human mind and the possibility of transformational change.

    I have two coaching credentials, masters degrees in business and creative writing, and a wealth of life experience. My coaching teachers and mentors include George & Linda Pransky, Dr Mark Howard, Michael Neill, Jamie Smart, Chip Chipman, and Dicken Bettinger.

    I love my work, my clients, my family and my life. I like to sum it up this way: we are all born with everything we need to realize our dreams and to live a fulfilling life of happiness and well-being.