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  • Mission Statement

    Mission Statement

    “Insight is a felt experience. Then our words make it personal and we see its meaning in our lives.”

    -Syd Banks

    Insight coaching is a powerful catalyst for opening your mind to new ways of thinking that allow for life-changing transformation, and it works at any level in which you wish to engage.

    I coach people who are on a mission to create greatness in their lives in any area, large or small–– people with a burning desire to discover, own, and manifest their innate potential so they can start living the life they want. We all have deeply innate potential, but over a lifetime of habitual thinking, it’s common to overwrite our potential with unhelpful realities, or stories about our inner landscape as well as the “outside” world, losing lock on who we really are, and our innate ability to manifest love, and create and bring beauty into the world.

    This coaching extends to all kinds of people in pursuit of life-changing transformation— Writers, artists, entrepreneurs, CEOs of large corporations, people transitioning into retirement, dealing with, or recovering from illness, transitioning from one career into another, people who know their potential but for whatever reason are now stuck— it deals with any of the myriad things human beings deal with every day that keep us from being our best creative selves, professionally and personally. If there is a problem in either one of these two sectors (personal or professional) you you can be certain it’s affecting the other, as they are connected.

    Regardless of your station in life, demographic or profession, Insight Coaching can help identify current modes of thinking that may be in the way of achieving what’s most important to you. The coaching is about clearing the path for next-level creativity and productivity, so you can start living your dream—

    The results are tangible and it starts as quickly as the first session.

    Let’s talk about what’s next for you!