Retirement Coaching

Retirement Coaching

Give yourself a chance to thrive.

You finally made it.

After all those years of blood, sweat, and tears, you’ve reached the glorious land of retirement – your hard-earned chance to do live life on your agenda and schedule. .  More time, freedom, and flexibility. 

Some people look forward to retirement.  Some dread it.  But nearly all of us will turn in our keys and ask that inevitable question:

“Well, now what?”

To make matters more complex, that simple question gives rise to its own set of challenging questions, each a possible stressors. Such as:

Who am I without my job?

What should I do with my future?

How do I make new friends and connections?

Am I as good as I once was?

What is the point?

Where do I go from here?

You are not alone.

My name is George Carver, and I am here for you.  I help people just like you navigate the challenges of retirement, build a life worth loving, and reach new levels of satisfaction, happiness, and connection.

If you are interested and want to learn more, please contact me today.  Or, read on to learn more about how I help people thrive after retirement. 

What is Retirement Coaching?

Retirement Coaching is all about helping you make the most out of life after your career. 

We work collaboratively, one-on-one over a period of three months, to help you discover your path forward out of your old life and into your new one. This can includes discovering a fresh sense of purpose,  building meaningful new relationships, and 

To begin, we meet for an hour (complementary) to introduce ourselves.  We have a conversation about your current situation and story. Together, we create a story and picture of what you’d like to create if we decide to work together. At then end of our discussion, we’ll either know we want to work together, and discuss money and scheduling.  Or we’ll go our separate ways. Click here if you’d like to set up a zoom call.

A 3-month Introductory Program includes developing your own initial plan, a 3-day orientation which includes meeting twice a day, followed by weekly meetings.

Retirement Coaching isn’t psychotherapy; it’s about creating a future you want to live into and giving the psychological skills you’ll need to navigate your path.  And you’ll get to lean on the expertise and wisdom of someone who is specially trained to help you have the kind of retirement you deserve. Someone who has already travelled this road himself!

How can Retirement Coaching help?

My Retirement Coaching relies heavily on building one’s level of psychological fitness.

Psychological fitness is the probably most important variable in navigating life transitions such as retirement.  Our fitness level mediates our ability to respond to change and challenge.  And, as you probably know, retirement comes with plenty of both.

  • You might be struggling with an increased sense of insecurity due to changes in your finances, your physical health, or your personal life. 
  • The easy answers and routines of the past no longer work and you don’t know where to find new ones
  • As you leave the workforce for an uncertain future. You might be facing challenges due to a seemingly unstable sense of identity 
  • You might even be wrestling with an absence of purpose, meaning, and hope for the future. 

If so, your level of psychological fitness may be holding you back.

Low psychological fitness can keep people from being creative, connected, and curious.  It can keep you from being resilient, relational, and responsive.  We call this being “busy minded,” meaning higher stress, less energy, and inflexibility.

People who have low psychological fitness tend to be a lot like Velcro.  Everything sticks to them – stress, fear, doubt, criticism, failure. 

People with high psychological fitness, on the other hand, are a lot like Teflon.  Changing circumstances don’t stick to them as often or as long - they are nearly discouragement proof.  They pick themselves back up after failure and hardship, shrug off the disappointment, and develop and employ new creative solutions.

How do you build psychological fitness in retirement?

Asking this question is a great place to start.

We begin by building a new understanding of the role of thought and thinking in our lives.  How does the mind work, and how does that impact your life? 

The foundation of this understanding (based on Sydney Banks’ The Three Principles) is that all human beings are born with certain innate qualities which cannot be harmed or destroyed by any life circumstances:

Direction in Life

Everyone has an inner compass, one that guides you toward a brighter future – you just need to find yours.

Purpose and Meaning

We all have an innate, built-in sense of purpose. You could call it your true north. Knowing that you’ve always got one can be invaluable in finding new ways of engaging with life.


Within all of is an intelligence and wisdom far greater than our intellectual, conceptual minds.


We are designed to be resilient.  Just as the body’s design evolved for self-healing without external assistance, so too are our minds and hearts. 

Capacity for Learning

Many believe that they are too old to learn (e.g., “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.) The truth is, no matter what age, human beings are designed to learn – but what changes is how the learning occurs.


Humans are hardwired for relationships.  We do our best living when we can connect with others with effortless ease.

At the intersection of all six is innate wholeness and wellbeing—your space to thrive. 

Retirement Coaching focuses on optimizing all six of these areas. We work together to give you the life you deserve, the retirement you’ve earned, and the future that you’ve always dreamed of having.  All it takes is being willing to get started.

Interested?  Let’s connect. 

I would love to hear from you. 

My story? When I left the world of business and finance, I knew that helping people had to be the focus of my next career. In the year following my departure from my business partners and Wall Street, a series of health crises serendipitously steered me towards the field of coaching. There I found my health, and my calling. I committed myself to understanding the human mind and the possibility of transformational change. 

I have two coaching credentials, two Master’s degrees (MBA from ASU Thunderbird School of Management and an MFA Writing from Bennington College), and over 30 years’ experience in the business and nonprofit world. My wife and have been married for 30 years and have two grown children, a master’s program in itself!

I love my work, my clients, my family and my life – and I want you to have that, too.

Contact me today to get started.