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    Why work with me?

    Clients come to me because they want something more in their lives. It can be direction and purpose, connection and relationship, or greater creation and achievement. Whatever results clients are seeking, their ultimate aim is to experience greater wellbeing, satisfaction, and happiness in their lives.

    ​I teach and coach from an understanding that by design you come into this world with everything you need for a good life. Our problems begin when we believe we’re missing something, which then becomes the focus of our attentions.

    ​I’ll teach you a different way of thinking about life and how your experience of life really works.​ I show you how to see what has always been there within you.

    ​Once you see it, you’ll know. It’s called insight

    ​If this sounds interesting, let’s explore the possibilities.

    How George works with his clients

    A coaching conversation is a partnership, a meeting between equals. Not master and student, nor expert and lay person. When I sit down with my clients, it’s on a level playing field. All that I’ve learned as a coach and all that I am as a person, I bring to the service of my clients, in a process of discovering for yourself that which will give you the wellbeing, purpose, and connection which you seek.

    Coaching engagement generally run three to twelve months. All engagements begin with a complementary introductory conversations.

    In our introductory conversation to determine whether we’re a fit for each other, whether you feel that I ‘get you’ and your concerns.  For myself, I listen to determine if I can be of service, and with you share what issues or concerns look to me. If we agree, we create a plan and timeline to address your needs.

    Fees and terms of payment begin when we both agree to work together. For me these discussions as a conversation, not a negotiation, in the same spirit of the level playing field on which I coach.

    I work on a sliding scale, from pro-bono personal coaching to five-figure executive coaching contracts. Not sure that you can afford me? If we’re a fit for each other, I promise you that we will find a mutually satisfying way of working together.

    To make things simple, I bundle my sessions in packs of 10-40 sessions. The minimal commitment I ask for is 3 months, which is approximately ten session.

    10-pack of session is enough for 3 months of coaching,  20-pack for 6 months, etc.

    Terms are negotiable, but I generally ask for 50%-100% up front with the balance payable at the midpoint. Unused sessions are fully refundable with one month’s notice. I accept check, credit card, paypal, Venmo, etc.