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  • “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

    (An offer for 4 weeks of coaching at no charge for 4 people.)

    Those words were spoken by Winston Churchill, a great wartime leader, in a different kind of war, long ago. What did he mean when he said that fear was our true and greatest enemy? It seems that he was warning us that it would be a terrible mistake to listen to our fears for counsel and direction in our response to threats to our safety.

    Does his warning apply to the present global war on Covid-19? Absolutely.

    Fear is an essential feature of the rollercoaster of life. It wakes us up, like an alarm clock, to imminent threats and danger. But once it gets your attention, fear becomes a poor guide for living, often leading to hasty and irrational action: panic and hoarding for example. What are we to do?

    For starters, get off the rollercoaster.

    My work as a coach not only includes helping clients get off the rollercoaster, but of far greater and enduring value, I teach them how the roller-coaster actually works. It’s a variant of the “Give a person a fish and you feed them for a day. Teach them how to fish and they’ll feed themselves for life.”

    Once you understand how the rollercoaster works, you learn when, and when not, to take action. The difference in the two will change your life.

    I am some who loves to help others, and lately I’ve been asking myself how I could be of service to my community, some of whom are stuck on the rollercoaster, worrying about their health, or their work, or… How to get them off the rollercoaster? Coach them is the simple and obvious answer!

    I’m offering a month of coaching at no charge for 4 more people. (Three people already signed up for my first offer. This morning I looked at my half-empty calendar, and realized I have room for more).

    Here’s how it works

    Contact me. We schedule a brief (15-30 minutes) introductory session on Zoom to learn about each other. If we decide to proceed, we book the first of our 4 sessions

    We can talk about anything that’s weighing on you, not just COVID-19. Concerns about work, relationships, and health, are all open for discussion. No prior coaching experience required!

    Availability varies, but until life returns to normal, I have availability most afternoons, including Saturday.

    Take care and stay safe.